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StoragePRO provides us with excellent service and management of our three self-storage facilities in Northern California. They are professional and truly wonderful to work with. Thanks to Steve and his team!

Scott Ramser

Self Storage Owner & StoragePRO Management Client since 2017

Jay Allen

Self Storage Owner

StoragePRO Client since 2015

Top-notch storage property management! Highly communicative, and professional, and are constantly evolving with the self-storage market, embracing new technologies and trends.

Jim Daniels

Self-Storage Owner

StoragePRO Client since 2020

We love our management company. They are easy to work with and have increased our occupancy rate. Much better than our previous Management company.

Scott Crist

Self Storage Owner

StoragePRO Client since 2020

I have six stores and this is my third year with StoragePRO. I used to think I was a top operator until I saw StoragePRO in action. They increased my bottom line by more than 18% the first year and double digits the following two years. Their systems and technology they have in place far exceeded the sophistication I thought I had in place as an operator of 22 years.

Their team is extremely responsive to any, and all, questions I pose to them. Their reporting is always timely and with complete transparency. I even get the general ledger with all the monthly reports, automatically. You also get to dial into your store for real-time data.

StoragePRO was the perfect fit for me. Not large like PS or ES management programs. StoragePRO is locally owned and concentrated in California with a presence in the western US. Their CFO and his team are a great resource in helping me evaluate potential deals we chase as we pursue the acquisition of another store.

Brad Benson

Self Storage Owner

StoragePRO Client since 2022

Excellent team that manages with excellence!

Lori Giesey

Self Storage Owner

StoragePRO Client since 2023

The StoragePRO Management team has done a great job of answering all of our questions in a timely manner. We appreciate their dedication and hard work to make our business run successfully and allow us the time to travel and enjoy the experiences we have always wanted to.

Fred Wasserman

Self Storage Owner

StoragePRO Client since 2021

Have been a customer since 2021…excellent company…responsive and smart management

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