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“Keeping my family business name was important to me, and I could do that with StoragePRO.”

Our Mission

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We provide safe and secure storage in a convenient, clean, and professionally managed operation that exceeds our customer’s expectations.

The StoragePRO Story: Retail is Detail!

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“As both an owner and operator, I know what keeps owners up at night. This isn’t just a business to me, it’s personal.”

Steve Mirabito

Founder & President

StoragePRO Management Inc.

“Retail is detail,” says Steve. “Self-storage businesses need more than caretakers, they need retail-oriented managers. This means managing hundreds of small factors that can compromise your NOI, whether by missed revenue, excessive expenses, or for most properties, some measures of both.”


Steve Mirabito, an active force in the California Self Storage Association, credits his parents’ grocery store business – where he began helping out when he was just five years old – with shaping his beliefs about business.

StoragePRO is the nation’s leading independent 3rd party self-storage management company.

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“We’re in this business to help independent self-storage operators thrive. Our owner-centric approach delivers best-in-class systems to give your investment the PRO treatment it deserves. The competition is fierce. StoragePRO Management gives you the power to match it, and to position your family business for generations to come.”

Steve Mirabito

Founder and President

StoragePRO Management

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StoragePRO Empowers Independent Operators

StoragePRO Management uses its collective decades of experience in the storage industry to consistently outpace industry standards. We’ve weathered market ups and downs, providing consistent stability and growth to our storage facility owners.

We've hired a team of experts to take care of your day-to-day operations. We keep a keen eye on your storage properties and ensure that you're empowered to compete on a level playing field with everyone in the industry. Our only job is to ensure your success and safeguard your legacy, so you can get back to what you enjoy doing most.

Your Business. Your Name. Your CHOICE.

To prove StoragePRO Management’s owner-centric approach, look no further than at the many of the properties we manage. You'll see the original branding created by the owner. 


We believe in recognizing the work you put into your existing brand.  Clients can keep their brand, use our brand, or co-brand to get the best of both worlds. Owners who choose to use the StoragePRO name can take advantage of our brand strength at no additional cost.

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